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OnkoZert is an independent institute which supervises, on behalf of the German Cancer Society, the certification system for the verification of Organ Cancer Centres and Oncology Centres, according to the relevant technical and medical requirements.

The aim of the German Cancer Society (DKG) and other medical societies is to promote the development of oncological centres with an established qualitative demand, on a voluntary basis and therefore to improve the care of cancer patients.

In Oncology Centres, the patients are treated integrative and in all stages of the disease.

An integrative care of patients is possible only through a network of specialists of different medical and nursing disciplines, in which the study fields align their working methods according to the needs of optimal patient care.

For this purpose, the medical professional societies for specific organs (breast, intestine, prostate, …) have established specific professional requirements.

Oncology-specialized health care facilities have the possibility to review the fulfillment of the technical and medical requirements as part of a certification procedure. Upon successful completion of the certification procedure, the health care facility will be confirmed, through an issued certificate, as an Organ Cancer Centre (such as a Breast Cancer Center, Colorectal Cancer Center) or Oncology Centre, recognized by the German Cancer Society (DKG) and other medical professional societies.