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OnkoZert develops and operates several IT solutions and internet platforms. Our data management institute continuously works on developing our existing products and new projects.

The Internet platforms, OncoMap and StudyBox, provide information for practitioners and patients. The PCO-Study, which was nominated for the HEALTH-i Award by the Handelsblatt newspaper, monitors prostate cancer patients in an international comparison.

OncoBox enables care facilities and research institutes to compare their data. The secure OncoBox connection to more than 30 different tumour documentation systems makes it possible to map the individual case data of over 140,000 cancer patients in a standardized database structure in the certification systems of the Breast, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Centres.



Annual Report 2018
(Audit year 2017/Data year 2016)
Annual Report 2018 – Oncology Centres – German 20.07.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Colorectal Cancer Centres – German 02.03.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Gynaecology Cancer Centres – German 15.05.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Lung Cancer Centres – German 20.04.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Prostate Cancer Centres – German 27.07.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Head and Neck Cancer Centres – German 20.03.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Neuro-oncology Cancer Centres – German 22.03.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Liver Cancer Centres – German 11.06.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Pancreas Cancer Centres – German 22.05.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Gastric Cancer Centres – German 23.05.2018
Annual Report 2018 – Dysplasia Units – German 26.06.2018


Individual annual report

For the published annual reports, an optional “individual annual report” can be ordered, in which the individual centre data is displayed. On the basis of this “individual annual report”, a centre can compare itself with other certified centres and finds its own development over the course of time.

The 2018 Annual Reports consider the data sheets submitted in the audit year 2017, which refer to the 2016 data year. The individual annual report is provided electronically as a PowerPoint file (no paper version). For multi-site centres, each site is represented in a separate “individual annual report” (except for lung cancer centres). The design of the “individual annual report” is based on the publicly available annual report. The report is presented in abbreviated form (site-specific values ​​marked in red) in the “Individual Gynaecology Cancer Center Musterhausen annual report (abbreviated form)” and available for download. The individual annual report is sent within 3 weeks after receipt of order

Order form individual annual report

Individual Gynaecology Cancer Centre Musterhausen annual report
(abbreviated form)